Finest Australian Made Woollen Underblankets

Best in Beds is home to some of the worlds most luxurious and comfortable woollen underblankets.

Perfect for cold winter nights and cool in summer, these underblankets add an additional layer of comfort to any mattress.


Bambi Matilda Wool-on-Wool Underblanket 450gsm

  • Australian Made
  • Made using Australian Downs long-staple wool
  • 3 layers 
    • 450gsm Wool fleece layer
    • 350gsm Wool wadding layer
    • Cotton layer
  • Machine washable 
  • 5 Year guarantee
  • Thickness - 2-3cm

Bambi Matilda Wool-on-Wool Underblanket 450gsm

The Matilda Australian-made pure wool, double-layered underblanket is made from Australian ‘downs’ long-staple wool - a wool regarded globally as the finest for use in bedding. The underblanket has 3 layers – a wool fleece layer, a wool wadding layer and a cotton layer. This underblanket is machine-washable and comes with a fully fitted skirt, ensuring the underblanket stays in place for a more comfortable, restful night’s sleep. With a 5 year guarantee for piece of mind.


  • Australian Made
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Made from Australian Downs type wool
  • 400gsm pile 
  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry

Matilda Single Layer Washable Woollen Underblanket 400gsm

Sleep in comfort and warmth with our luxurious Matilda Wool Underblanket. The 400gsm pile on the underblanket is made from ‘Down’s type wool which is renowned globally as being the finest wool for use in bedding. The underblanket is proudly made in Australia, carries a 5 year guarantee and is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried.


Bambi Matilda Hypo-Allergenic Woollen Underblanket 500gsm

  • Cotton encased wool pile
  • 500gsm Downs Wool
  • Machine washable
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Australian Made using Downs type wool
  • 5 year guarantee

Bambi Matilda Hypo-Allergenic Woollen Underblanket 500gsm

Designed to help those with allergies, this wool underquilt is soft, comfy, warm and fully machine washable. To assist those with allergies, the wool pile is not exposed, instead it is encased in a pure, high-quality, cotton casing. It also comes with a fully fitted skirt and a 5 year guarantee. It is proudly made in Australia from pure ‘downs’-type wool, which is regarded globally as the finest wool for use in bedding.

Best in Beds 30 Day Best Price Promise
Why use a Wool Underblanket?
Woollen underblankets help insulate the sleeper, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. The pile on a wool underblanket aids in distributing body weight evenly, which, in turn, helps to reduce pressure points. The greater the depth of the pile, the more comfort the sleeper receives. Woollen underblankets are great for any sleeper as they provide a wonderful sleep surface, however, they are especially useful for babies and the elderly.

All of our Australian Made Woollen Underblankets come with free express delivery Australia-wide.

Research into underlays/underblankets
Woolmark Australia has conducted studies into sleeping on wool and these studies have suggested that sleep quality improves when sleeping on or under wool. This appears to be related to wool's unique temperature and moisture management properties and texture. In a controlled study reported in the Medical Journal of Australia, it was observed that use of a fleecy wool underlay significantly reduced observed postural activity (so sleepers were more “settled”) and improved the sleeper's own assessment of sleep quality. 

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