5% Lowest Price Guarantee

At Best in Beds, we don’t just say that we have the best prices, we aim to ‘beat’ the lowest prices everyday.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on sale), we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%.

Don’t forget our price guarantee excludes the items listed below under the heading “What items are excluded from the Lowest Price Guarantee?”.

How do you obtain the 5% reduction?

  1. Record the advertised price including delivery costs and any additional charges- This can be a screenshot/photo from a company's website, a newspaper cutting etc.
  2. Contact us - and provide the recorded price as above before the advertised sale finishes.This can be via Live Chat or sales@bestinbeds.com.au or call us on 1300 399 676
  3. Lie back & relax - We’ll get back to you within 1 business day at receiving points 1 and 2 and (if approved) you save an extra 5% off our competitors price!

 What items does the 5% reduction apply to?

Our guarantee applies to all identical products that are:

  1. Stocked by Best in Beds, and
  2. In stock at our competitor - this can be a physical store or an online store; and
  3. Not excluded from the Lowest Price Guarantee (see below).

 What is excluded from the Lowest Price Guarantee?

  • Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier or store cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword or coupon)

  • Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)

  • Stock liquidations or clearance (i.e. competitor clearance products, floor stock clearances, or goods sold by a business placed into receivership)

  • We reserve the right to limit sales to reasonable retail quantities.

  • Products sold through external platforms/marketplaces such as Catch, Ebay, Amazon, Kogan etc.

  • If we do not normally offer delivery of the product/s to your address then we are still unable to ship them - pick up is still available if possible

When assessing the Lowest Price Guarantee we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location (if any). If the identical, in stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price of our competitor by 5%. Evidence of the competitors advertised discount price on the identical item must be presented to Best in Beds before the competitor's promotion on the product ends.

When do I make the claim to receive a 5% reduction?

If the claim is made before you purchase the product/s from Best in Beds - If the 5% discount is approved then the purchase must be made from Best in Beds within 48 hours of this approval being granted.In this instance the evidence of the advertised competitors price must show that the identical item is in stock and at the lower price on the same day that the claim is first made to Best in Beds.

If the claim is made after a purchase has been made from Best in Beds - The claim must be made to Best in Beds within 5 business days of the purchase date (not the delivery date). In this instance the advertised competitor's price does not have to be current however evidence must prove that the identical item was in stock and at the lower price (subject to the conditions) at the time of purchase from Best in Beds.

If you have any further questions about our Lowest Price Guarantee, please contact us via Live Chat or sales@bestinbeds.com.au

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