Sheridan 1000tc Hotel Collection Sheet Sets

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Sheridan Flannelette Sheet Set

    Add warmth for winter with Sheridan's classic flannelette sheet collection.

    Crafted in quality cotton that's brushed on both sides for a super-soft texture. These sheets offer the ultimate in next to skin softness and warmth.

    Available in 5 colours.

    Click here to shop our full range of Sheridan bedroom and bathroom linen, bedding, manchester, towels, pillows, sheet sets, quilts at bestinbeds.com.au

    Fibre Content: 100% cotton

    Care Instructions:

    Sheridan has spent many years of testing to understand how a product performs in actual day to day use, which helps them to develop care instructions that will achieve the best longevity out of their products. This is what Sheridan and our customers expect and deserve.

    Care instructions vary based on the constructions of each fabric and product so Sheridan have compiled some basic guidelines when it comes to caring for your purchase.

    What detergent should you use?

    Sheridan recommend you wash this item separately before first use. Use a mild detergent and wait until it is fully diluted in the water before putting the item in the washing machine. Undiluted detergents can cause staining on the fabric. Read the amount recommended on the laundry liquid bottle or box to determine how much to use.

    Should you use fabric softener?

    Fabric softener is not necessary with this item.

    How do I remove stains?

    Sheridan recommend cleaning stains as quickly as possible after they appear, although we understand etiquette might sometimes prevent this. Try to not strenuously scrub the stain away, but rather to gently soak, wash or blot it out, this process can be repeated until optimum results are obtained. It is easier to remove stains from natural as opposed to synthetic fabrics because the natural fibres are living and more accepting of attention. Once a stain is truly set, however, it is often difficult to remove.

    What water temperature is best?

    Sheridan recommends that this product be laundered using a warm gentle machine wash at 40 degrees. The warm water temperature setting is more effective at removing dirt and natural body oils and more importantly in removing chemical residue of the detergents from the fabric. Detergent residue will deteriorate the fabric fibres if they are not rinsed out properly.


    Should you put this item in the dryer?

    Air drying is best for the longevity of this item, but can sometimes leave the fabric feeling a bit stiff to the touch. If you plan to air dry, 10-12 minutes on medium heat in the dryer before you hang them out to dry helps to re-orient the fibres after washing and leaves a soft finish on the surface of the fabric.


    Please always ensure your item is completely dry before storing to prevent any dampness and mildew.

    Can you iron this item?

    If you do choose to iron your item, we recommend that you use your iron on a warm setting. Please avoid ironing directly on any decorative panels, studs or buttons.

    Can you dry clean this item?

    Sheridan recommend that you do not dry clean this item.

    Delivery Information:

    "ADD TO CART" items are in stock in our own warehouse. These will dispatch in 1-2 business days and the delivery time is 1-6 business days depending on your location. You can expect delivery to your home in approximately 2-8 business days.

    "PRE-ORDER" items are ordered from our supplier - We estimate dispatch to take up to 20 business days and delivery time is 2-6 business days depending on your location. Therefore you can expect delivery of your new linen in approximately 22-26 business days. If it comes to us quicker then will still dispatch with our couriers the next business day.

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